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Cookery School

Farm Cookery School

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Join Gourmet Farmer Matthew Evans for a cookery class in a school like no other

All the bounty of Fat Pig Farm is destined for our oversize farmhouse kitchen. You can be a part of this, by joining us for one-off, hands-on workshops that celebrate the harvests, the seasons, and to finish, the lavish country hospitality Tasmania is renowned for at our long table feast. Every week, every month, every crop is different from the last and you get to be an integral part of the harvesting, and the cooking. Come and rejoice in the art of the handmade.

If you have any questions about any of the classes, please give Sadie a ring on 0415 168 285 or you can email her on sadie@fatpig.farm.

Upcoming classes


Autumn on Fat Pig Farm - 17 May

Wednesday May 17

Autumn is all about the garden. Come join Matthew Evans for a hands-on cooking workshop, where we utilise the best of what the garden produces, followed by a vegetarian feast of what you’ve prepared, shared at our extended farmhouse table.
PRICE: $300
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Autumn on Fat Pig Farm - 31 May

Wednesday May 31

Autumn is harvest time. A time to revel in the generosity of the garden. Join us as we take you through the garden to choose the best of its abundant produce and then into the kitchen to cook an autumn farmhouse feast.
PRICE: $300
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Winter on the Farm - 12 July

Wednesday July 12

Winter: we're thinking chunky beef and mushroom pie, hearty braises and substantial soups. After meeting the pigs and harvesting what’s in season from the garden, you’ll come inside, warm yourself next to the wood fired cooker, and enjoy hands on instruction on how to make heart-warming dishes that suit the cooler months. At the end of the day we’ll sit down and share a late lunch; a farmhouse feast including the dishes you’ve created, along with local wine and other wholesome farmey fare.
PRICE: $300
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Any questions?

If you want to know more about the classes or our terms and conditions, have a read of our FAQs page.